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1st Multi-brand after-sale service for your tinting systems
Tinting systems

Our Packs


To answer to your need of simplicity and efficiency in your machine pool's management, CAP Energy offers you to choose among its range of maintenance contracts. Four subscription packages are at your disposal : Boarding Pack, Crossing Pack, Navigation Pack or "à la carte" option, as many options to satisfy all of your requirements.

Tinting systems
Navigation Pack


A question ? A dispenser problem ?


With the navigation pack, we handle your calls, answer to all questions you might have about your dispensers and we carry out at a distance repairs if we need to.

Tinting systems
Boarding Pack


Maintaining your dispensers better means optimizing your production tool. A good maintenance will avoid you breakdowns and so the lost of your turnover.


With the Boarding Pack, take advantage of one preventive visit per year for your tinting system. The hotline  is included for any question you might have or to remotely fix your problem.

Tinting systems
Crossing Pack


Besides a good maintenance, then somethings sets it off and your dispenser is down.


With the Crossing Pack, you benefit from one preventive visit AND one repair per year for your tinting system. The hotline is included in this pack, if you have any question or to remotely fix your problem when needed.

Tinting systems
" à la Carte" Option


Because every client has some precise requirement, we created an option which is entirely suited to your needs and resources.


We conceive together this maintenance contract by choosing one service or more to put in your "à la carte" yearly option.



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