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1st Multi-brand after-sale service for your tinting systems
Tinting systems

Our Commitments


Our goal : we want CAP ENERGY to become a link in your operational organisation that enables you to set up an efficient maintenance strategy. We adapt ourselves to your organisation and offer you flexibility and efficiency. We provide you with a motivated and experienced team whose goal is to meet customers’ requirements and provide you with top-quality service, advice, support and a permanent information follow-up.

We are eager to guarantee clarity in our actions, skills, prices and solutions to maintain lasting support.

Tinting systems

Repairs Warranty


Cap Energy provides a one month warranty for its on-site troubleshooting, for the same breakdown and within usage conforming to the manufacturer’s recommendations. 

We offer a 6 month warranty for refurbishments carried out in our workshop.


Tinting systems

Workshop quality checks


For each in-house service, a quality check process is carried out before delivery.

Tinting systems



You will receive a detailed technical report for each service, which sums up all the actions taken, parts replaced and the written repair bill signed by our technician and your client.

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Tinting systems

Protection of employees


All the necessary measures to protect employees working at CAP ENERGY have been implemented and approved by experts. 
We have a great concern for the physical and moral health of our teams.

Tinting systems



All our waste products are sorted and recycled according to the current standards. Colorants, soiled waste materials, pallets, metals, office waste, etc., are entrusted to certified companies and complying with current standards.

A BSDD (Hazardous Waste Tracking Form) is provided upon request.



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